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Transform FILETIME to human readable string in SQLite request

And the magic formula is: select datetime( (YourTimeColumnName – 116444736000000000)/10000000, 'unixepoch') from YourTableName It took for me quite some time to create this expression, since I’m pretty dumb in SQL. But it seems to work, and probably someone will need it, so its posted! If YourTimeColumnName is in string format, cast function must be used.

L-Systems and Turtle Graphics in C# and WPF

I’m currently interested in L-Systems and how to generate content using them. WPF and .Net provides nice tools to create an application which I am going to use to my experiments. It is similar to Online experiments with L-Systems using JSXGraph but more “realtime”. Simple context-free, non-parametrized L-Systems are supported. And this is how the […]