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3d L-Systems rendering using WPF Viewport3D

Wow! Its 3d now!

ITurtle interface was extended with Pitch and Roll commands, and now it is possible to define L-Systems in 3d. Its the very first implementation, and UI is a bit ugly – I just created 2 tabs – “3d” and “2d”, so both views can be used for the selected System.

The view control is a bit awkward at the moment – left mouse button click and drag is used to rotate the object, right button to move it and PageUp/PageDown to move the camera closer/further.

I used Viewport3D to render 3d graphics, all turtle movements are represented with scaled colored boxes (later I’ll try cylinders), all turtle moves and rotations just modify the current transformation matrices.

The fascinating tree examples (Tree3d A-I) are taken from L-Systems: from the Theory to Visual Models of Plants

And here is the link to the release version: Viewer.Release.02.zip

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