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AM: Waiting for Review

Well, meanwhile Arcade Monsterball was uploaded and is waiting for review. That was quite a hard task to complete, but it finally over.


Here is my completed TODO list (what a nightmare to complete):

+ Make screenshots
+ (iOS) check for leaks
+ (iOS) iPhoneLayout
+ background of menus: flying shadows of spaceships
+ sync player as well in network game (when sending hit information)
+ (iOS) handle pause events in iOS
+ Points shall be assigned even if lost
+ (iOS) enlarge touch area to whole screen
+ (iOS) invitation of a player
+ (iOS) achivements for keeping locked players
+ bugfix – achievment and point number at the same time
+ achievements icons
+ (iOS) leaderbords: points overall and points in the single match
+ (iOS) shift upper UI elements if iAd is dsplayed
+ points of network player shall come from network player (?)
+ use bitmap fonts instead of TTF
+ help screen content
+ game win menu: add collected points submenu + unlocked players menu.
+ save selected player and position into the file
+ when creating stars: with very small probability a planet should be created (probably rotating)
+ move shadow to separate class
+ play network with AI
+ help screen:
+ should show 2-3 screens with instructions (made from single texture)
+ cleanup texture cache
+ all balls shall use the same texture
+ load different balls each serve
+ skin ball
+ different ball types
+ game data management (available players, points, etc.)
+ multiply achivement of the game on number of hits
+ skin menus in GameLayer
+ fire on enemy select screen
+ indcator for ball hits in upper region
+ player type shall be sent for network game
+ (iOS) iad advertisement
+ two fires (jump and normal) for firing monsters
+ add music to runtime
+ select enemy screen
+ different player models
+ icon
+ MainMenu UI for iPhone shall be ~20% larger than usuall scale (0.3125 -> 0.4, 0.2 for non-HD version)
+ atmosphere for the moon
+ fix problem with “Return from the othr side”
+ sky texture shall have 100 px width
+ particle systems: dust and fire
+ animated background – asteroids, space ships, asteroids collisions, Earth, etc.
+ remove bouncing around a point (see TODO in PositionPlayerControl)
+ skin for iphone/ipad “control pad”
+ finish touch player control
+ render shadows using physix (renderer) body information
+ shake ground when ball hits it
+ (iOS) vertical alignment on iPhone and iPod
+ particles
+ stars and rockets on the background
+ stars moving altogether
+ fix problems with resolution
+ Shadow of the players and the ball
+ change controls (use mouse joint)
+ use client – server architecture (including test environement)
+ Load level from json
+ Load players and a ball from json
+ introduce game state
+ the ball shall be alive a little after the score
+ the ball shall stay in air until the first touch
+ keyboard for windows
+ named walls
+ ai
++ basic ai
++ advanced ai
++ best position calculation is done not at once, but certain amount of tests each update.
++ parametrized ai
++ ai shall get tired -> more stupid after with time
+ sound
+ game menu
+ animated players (move_forward, move_backward, jump)
+ match
+ ESCAPE button for windows version
+ network game for win version
+ keyborad fix: only process if current window is active
+ pause screen during network game
+ network game timeout (no messages during N ticks) – “Player disconnected”
+ network game/single game – show current player
+ game ui: pause shall be a 2 buttons names “pause” – left and right to score
+ game ui: icons in the corner: type of the player (local, remote, AI)
+ game ui: ball picture for serving
+ game ui: hit count (for tests)
+ game ui: points
+ points for: game win (x rest hit counts), single touch (x2, x3, etc.), back wall hit (x2, x3, etc.), 2 games in a row (x3, x4, etc.)
+ menu structure design
+ points for “flawless victory”

During the project I learned quite a lot about cocos2d, box2d, R.U.B.E. and inkscape. The other fancy tool I discovered is an online bitmap font generator: http://kvazars.com/littera/. Brilliant thing.

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