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cocos2dx – ccDrawCircle, solid, filled?

I tried to draw a solid cicle in cocos2dx. It was quite terrible to modify ccDrawCircle for this. My app crashed with openGL errors which I was not able to handle. Few days later (after I left this idea and used spites instead) I realized that I should use ccDrawSolidPoly. What a shame 🙂 Here […]

Arcade Monsterball

Manwhile I am making a small game – a remake of the famous Arcade Volleyball. It is portable  – I use cocos2d-x, so iOS and at least Windows versions will be available. Here is Windows demo. Network gaming is supported as well 😉 What is alse used: Box2D ENet for networking in Windows R.U.B.E. TexturePacker

iOS 7

Recently I installed a new version of the iOS. First impression could be probably described as “what the hell is this”. But quite soon I get used to it. It is definitely a step forward, it is modern, it has good new ideas. UI is also a bit buggy, but this is totally OK for […]

The Last Mission v 1.2 released

Wow! A new release is finally available in the AppStore: The Last Mission 1.2 It includes following features: – 4 new playable ships with different weapons. – Health bonus in easy level. – Improved graphics: dynamic lights and details on level backgrounds. – New music themes and sound effects created by Mark Braga specially for […]

Top secret!

The Last Mission new release is on the way, it will have new sound, updated graphics, new ships, and a secret level  (it will be possible to play for a “normal” robot!):  

Lights on!

The Last Mission version 1.1 is available on the AppStore. Meanwhile I am experimenting with dynamic lights and random generated background. Here is the first result:  

The Last Mission Remake for iPhone and iPad

Last week „The Last Mission“ app was published in the AppStore. It all started from the book called „Learn cocos2d 2“ (here is the link to the authors amazon page). Very well written book with a lot of examples and hints. Then I got an idea of the project: The Last Mission remake (so far […]