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WPF Binding double to TextBox Text Property

Binding to double property of some object with UpdateSourceTrigger set to PropertyChanged allows dynamically update ViewModel while user enters the number. Application become more responsive and user friendly. Unfortuntely simple binding has frustrating editing behaviors – portion of the text are automatically erased in some cases (usually decimal separator and leading or trailing zeroes) – […]

iOS 7

Recently I installed a new version of the iOS. First impression could be probably described as “what the hell is this”. But quite soon I get used to it. It is definitely a step forward, it is modern, it has good new ideas. UI is also a bit buggy, but this is totally OK for […]

Logster – my first application in the app store

Finally, Logster is released: http://logster.tatalata.com. It was not so easy first time, and it took muuuch more time then I expected, but I am very happy with the result. Its is a nice tiny application which can be quite useful. The app is written completely in Objective-C (no ARC), CoreData is used for data storage, […]

UIDatePicker / UIPickerView gradients and the structure

I wanted to implement my own iOS control which should look similar to UIPickers. And of course, I was really interested in the way how these controls are implemented. At least, which windows are composed together to create such a brilliant experience. It was also interesting to learn how gradients are used there. Meanwhile I […]

I bought a Mac

So its finally happened. I had a lot of reasons to do it, and I’m absolutely exited about the result. I have smallest macbook pro and I am happy. This is probably the most interesting and nice experience in computers for me both as user and programmer since many years. Noticing beautiful Mac UI interface […]

Modal UserControl in WPF

Common approach to show some modal view (dialog) in WPF application is to use some kind of “IModalDialogService” realization which creates a window on View side and places View corresponding to requested ViewModel inside it. There is also the other way – just to put a control element above the current main window content. This […]

Desktop Clocks strike back!

I wanted to create application that will always be on top of my screen, but will not bother me when I work with the other windows behind it. It could be some kind of desktop clocks. It was not so difficult to implement: I decided to use pure WINAPI, so solution was clear – to […]

Out of space for Horizontal Tabs?

The company, where I’m currently working, decided to create an application based on page design: application itself is a big tab control and each page contains some useful features. This approach is commonly used by most websites. Sounds good, but unfortunately we pretty soon found ourselves out of space for horizontal tabs (because of 800*600 […]