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AM: Waiting for Review

Well, meanwhile Arcade Monsterball was uploaded and is waiting for review. That was quite a hard task to complete, but it finally over. Here is my completed TODO list (what a nightmare to complete): + Make screenshots + (iOS) check for leaks + (iOS) iPhoneLayout + background of menus: flying shadows of spaceships + sync […]

Cisco VPN client connection error using Speedstick LTE Modem (Huawei)

I had a problem using Cisco VPN connection when I was online via USB LTE modem (that was Huawei): no access to mapped drives was possible, no Outlook connection as well. I had not found any solution in the Internet, and my system administrator solved the problem only after discussion with provider customer service. Last […]

Some UI changes and Code editor

Some UI changes have been done to LSystems Viewer: – a button to generate next step of L-System. – a button to rebuild system (makes sense for stochastic L-Systems). – improved mouse behavior in 3d view. The AvalonEdit control (created by Daniel Grunwald, check this article on codeproject) is used as internal editor for opened […]

Transform FILETIME to human readable string in SQLite request

And the magic formula is: select datetime( (YourTimeColumnName – 116444736000000000)/10000000, 'unixepoch') from YourTableName It took for me quite some time to create this expression, since I’m pretty dumb in SQL. But it seems to work, and probably someone will need it, so its posted! If YourTimeColumnName is in string format, cast function must be used.