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WPF Binding double to TextBox Text Property

Binding to double property of some object with UpdateSourceTrigger set to PropertyChanged allows dynamically update ViewModel while user enters the number. Application become more responsive and user friendly. Unfortuntely simple binding has frustrating editing behaviors – portion of the text are automatically erased in some cases (usually decimal separator and leading or trailing zeroes) – […]

Transform Bitmap in WPF

Sometimes Effects are not enough when you need to modify an imageĀ  – in example to highlight it. Originally the task was to higlight an image (wich might have alpha channel) with different colors – red, green, blue, etc., depending on the state of the application. Googling didnt help a lot, thats why I finished […]


Todays update: Push command of the Turtle not only pushes position, but also thickness and color, Pop command restores them. And here are some results – improved Flower and Bush (with “realistic” thickness of the stem!):

Flowers with L-System

Today I added filled polygons (called Surfaces) in L-Systems, so now it is possible to define some polygonal stuff, i.e. flowers. Next example is based on flower system from the book (figure 1.26), but with some modifications: Viewer application was extended – now it is possible to check every build iteration of selected L-System (called […]

Modal UserControl in WPF

Common approach to show some modal view (dialog) in WPF application is to use some kind of ā€œIModalDialogService” realization which creates a window on View side and places View corresponding to requested ViewModel inside it. There is also the other way – just to put a control element above the current main window content. This […]

3d L-Systems rendering using WPF Viewport3D

Wow! Its 3d now! ITurtle interface was extended with Pitch and Roll commands, and now it is possible to define L-Systems in 3d. Its the very first implementation, and UI is a bit ugly – I just created 2 tabs – “3d” and “2d”, so both views can be used for the selected System. The […]

LSystems 2d Viewer

Latest project update includes 2d Viewer – it uses turtle graphics to render L-System (implementation is based on my previous post). Viewer includes 2 examples – Tree (taken from L+C description) and Leaf. Some changes were done in LSystems to be able to render 2d: * Introduced Turtle namespace containing everything needed for turtle rendering, […]

L-Systems and Turtle Graphics in C# and WPF

I’m currently interested in L-Systems and how to generate content using them. WPF and .Net provides nice tools to create an application which I am going to use to my experiments. It is similar to Online experiments with L-Systems using JSXGraph but more “realtime”. Simple context-free, non-parametrized L-Systems are supported. And this is how the […]

HGE fonts builder

I made a program to create raster fonts for HGE. HGE offers standard program for that, but it uses GDI for rendering fonts and antialiasing looks not so fine. WPF uses new ClearType engine for fonts, so I decided to use it. I also took RangeSlider from AvalonControlsLibrary – it is used to specify characters […]