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Cisco VPN client connection error using Speedstick LTE Modem (Huawei)

I had a problem using Cisco VPN connection when I was online via USB LTE modem (that was Huawei): no access to mapped drives was possible, no Outlook connection as well. I had not found any solution in the Internet, and my system administrator solved the problem only after discussion with provider customer service.

Last week, in ICE train I met guys discussing the very same issue, so it seems quite a useful hint. Here it is:
1. Open the folder with software installed from stick (in my case it was: C:\Program Files (x86)\T-Mobile\InternetManager_H\)
2. Locate there a file named SysSetting.xml and edit it
3. Find the following part in the file: <Connect> <type>NDIS</type> and replace NDIS with DUN
4. Save the file and restart the software.

I used the same trick with T-Mobile an O2 sticks as well, worked fine. I wish you a joyful mobile surfing in corporate networks 🙂

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  1. Happy User says:

    I used the same trick with T-Mobile Stick and Vodafone Provider, worked fine. Many thanks for this information

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