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Cutting module in LSystems

Cutting is now in the library. It is used to simulate shedding of plant parts, i.e. palm trees. The idea of shedding is the following: if cut symbol (module) is in the string, then all following symbols in current branch are skipped, i.e. R, StartBranch, F, Cut, F, L, EndBranch is transformed into R, StartBranch, […]

3d L-Systems rendering using WPF Viewport3D

Wow! Its 3d now! ITurtle interface was extended with Pitch and Roll commands, and now it is possible to define L-Systems in 3d. Its the very first implementation, and UI is a bit ugly – I just created 2 tabs – “3d” and “2d”, so both views can be used for the selected System. The […]

LSystems 2d Viewer

Latest project update includes 2d Viewer – it uses turtle graphics to render L-System (implementation is based on my previous post). Viewer includes 2 examples – Tree (taken from L+C description) and Leaf. Some changes were done in LSystems to be able to render 2d: * Introduced Turtle namespace containing everything needed for turtle rendering, […]

L-Systems and Turtle Graphics in C# and WPF

I’m currently interested in L-Systems and how to generate content using them. WPF and .Net provides nice tools to create an application which I am going to use to my experiments. It is similar to Online experiments with L-Systems using JSXGraph but more “realtime”. Simple context-free, non-parametrized L-Systems are supported. And this is how the […]