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The Desktop Dog – loading Fallout2 frm files

I like Fallout. Since 10 years I still play Fallout2 at least once a year. And I got an idea to use Fallout characters for my desktop application. I decided to get original FRM files, add them as application resources and then convert them to bitmaps.
It took just a few minutes to find FRM file format specs here and a couple of useful programs:

  • unDAT 1.01 – for extracting resource files out of game .dat archives.
  • Viewer for FALLOUT2 v1.3 – for viewing unpacked FRM files.

I used Cyberdog as main character, and the Child as additional character. Cyberdog runs after mouse cursor, and 3 children just walk on a screen. Additionally, children are running from Cyberdog.


This is the project and exe file (as usual, rename .doc to .zip after downloading). Enjoy! Btw, program has no interface. Use Task Manager to exit 🙂

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