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The Last Mission Remake for iPhone and iPad

Last week „The Last Mission“ app was published in the AppStore.

It all started from the book called „Learn cocos2d 2“ (here is the link to the authors amazon page). Very well written book with a lot of examples and hints.

Then I got an idea of the project: The Last Mission remake (so far I have not seen any game using the same game concept in the app store). After 5 minutes of browsing I found that the game is already re-implemented and it is also available with source code, here is the link to the project of Dmitry Smagin: https://github.com/dmitrysmagin/last-mission

Still, it was not ported for the iOS, so I decided to give it a try. In a day my port was completed with almost no changes of the original source code. The usage of cocos was not so havy as I wanted: every 17 milliseconds the original game engine generated an image, and the app updates the texture of the „game sprite“. Quite boring, almost nothing to implement, but it was playable and looked fun.

So I dropped a mail to Dmitry and just in few hours I had his permission to publish the game for the iOS. That was just great!

Only 2 small things left: controls and the sound.

  • For controls I used the SneakyInput library. I had to modify the sources of the Joystick, because default SneakyInput D-Pad was more like a Joystick with limited number of positions, rather than a button which can be pressed from few directions. Anyway, the result is quite OK on my opinion, the D-Pad is quite intuitive and easy to use.
  • The original sound implementation was not adopted to the iOS (shame on me), I just tooks some mp3s and the default cocos2d sound library did the rest of the job.

So, in a week the app was completed and submitted to the store.

And here are the sources, if you want to build a game on your own: Mission.zip

Thanks for reading!

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