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The Last Mission v 1.2 released

Wow! A new release is finally available in the AppStore: The Last Mission 1.2

It includes following features:

– 4 new playable ships with different weapons.
– Health bonus in easy level.
– Improved graphics: dynamic lights and details on level backgrounds.
– New music themes and sound effects created by Mark Braga specially for The Last Mission.
– Brand new secret level with bonus ship at the end.
– Integration with the Game Center (worldwide leader board).
– Game status is saved between app runs.
– Updated GUI with a little help on the game.
– Adjusted controls positions for iPad, iCade support (bluetooth joystics).

Now game is finally playable and fun, I am very happy with results and can continue with my other project 🙂

Meanwhile, the author of the remake, Dmitry Smagin is planning to continue development and release the new version for Windows and open-source portable systems. I’m looking forward for it.

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  1. Ivan says:

    Cool icon!

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