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The Last Mission

Take control of a mighty laser tank, destroy army of robots and get through 10 levels of the Grand Central to save the human kind!

A famous game from 80s is back with updated graphics, awesome sound and good old gameplay. Moving from screen to screen, you have not only to destroy all enemies but also to find a way for your caterpillar-track base – without it the flying gun will soon run out of fuel.  So good luck and see you on the surface!
The Last Mission iOS Screenshot


The original remake was created by Dmitry Smagin: https://github.com/dmitrysmagin/last-mission

Music and sound were created specially for The Last Mission by Mark Braga: https://soundcloud.com/airblank

The iOS port “making of” is here: http://lexa.tatalata.com/the-last-mission-remake-for-iphone-and-ipad

Please submit a form below if you have any wishes or questions:

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  1. Michelle Han says:

    We’ve built a gameplay recording technology for Cocos2d called Kamcord. It allows users to record and
    share a video of their gameplay on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and email.

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